Caper Art by Berni

Happiness... it lies in the joy of achievement,
In the thrill of creative effort.

Vincent Van Gogh

Berni Thorneycroft, the artist

Berni's subject matter, rendered in strong painterly brush strokes are interpretations of moments which touch her deeply, be it house, landscape, sea or people's moods. Every painting or sketch is part of her wordless journal of life.

A Cape Breton flavour threads through all her work.

Old homes are impressionistic interpretations of houses in Dundee and area and hold meaningful childhood memories. Each people painting has its special story.

Rendering subject matter in acrylics and oils, Berni transforms everyday objects from the mundane, to an elevated awareness which she wishes to share with viewers of her paintings.

Berni states that a painting is never complete until it is seen by the viewer.

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